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The Happy at Work Podcast

30 August 2023

37m 38s

Transforming Productivity and Engagement With AI: Danielle Grossi and Tyrelle Barnes, Microsoft



In this episode, Michael chats with Tyrelle Barnes and Danielle Grossi from Microsoft on the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. They dive into how AI is being integrated into various Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Copilot, to enhance productivity, creativity, and employee engagement. The conversation covers recent trends in AI, the impact on job roles, and the power of AI in areas like onboarding and retention.


We've pulled out the top three take-aways from this episode for you:

Microsoft Copilot Enhances Productivity- The hosts highlight how Microsoft Copilot, powered by AI, has become a productivity game-changer. It assists users in tasks like creating custom learning paths, drafting emails, generating content, and even facilitating the creative process. Copilot's ability to quickly generate valuable insights and content saves time, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their work.

Impact on Employee Engagement and Performance- The hosts explore the link between AI adoption, employee engagement, and performance. Tyrelle discusses a study that found a significant correlation between high employee engagement scores and organizational performance. AI tools like Viva Glint help measure engagement, gather sentiment analysis, and offer actionable insights that enable organizations to improve their workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Addressing Resistance to AI Adoption- The conversation addresses the challenges of AI adoption, including resistance due to fear of job displacement or loss of control. The hosts emphasize the importance of open dialogue, setting up policies and governance around AI usage, and highlighting the benefits that AI brings to the workplace. It's essential for organizations to address concerns and implement responsible AI practices to create a smooth transition.


About Tyrelle Barnes:
Tyrelle is an Employee Experience Global Black Belt at Microsoft. She specializes in bridging the gap between product engineering teams and customer-facing teams, ensuring that customer feedback is incorporated into product development. Tyrelle is also the co-host of the "Midday Cafe" podcast at Microsoft, where she discusses generative AI solutions and Microsoft Copilot.

About Danielle Grossi:
Danielle is a Principal Program Manager in the Office Engineering organization at Microsoft. She has experience working on various products, including Viva Insights. Danielle's current focus is on building sovereign clouds for governments, providing them with control and autonomy over their cloud infrastructure. She highlights the role of AI in enhancing efficiency and creativity in workplace tasks.