The Happy at Work Podcast

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The Happy at Work Podcast

26 July 2023

22m 30s

Creating Lasting Happiness at Work: Jessica Weiss, Organizational Design Expert



In this episode, Jessica Weiss discusses her journey to studying happiness at work, delving into her background in organizational design and transformation. She explains the importance of fairness and transparency in job roles and the significance of feeling indispensable in providing value to others. Jessica highlights the relevance of psychological safety and trust in creating a happy work environment. She shares tools and habits to foster lasting happiness and encourages speaking to inner voices in the third person as a way to overcome Impostor Syndrome. Finally, Jessica emphasizes the power of creating a sense of progress in daily work to enhance satisfaction and happiness.

Jessica Weiss is a speaker and consultant who teaches businesses how to find more happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction at work. With 15 years of experience working with global brands like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express, Jessica is a trusted source for those who are searching for tangible, research-based strategies to create happier workers.

Resources discussed in the podcast: