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The Happy at Work Podcast

22 March 2023

44m 43s

Barry Schwartz, PhD - Psychologist, Professor, and Author



In this episode, Laura, Michael and Tessa spoke with Dr. Barry Schwartz on a myriad of topics including purpose, types of motivation, the rise of social media, and the future of higher education. 

Barry Schwartz PhD has had a prolific career in academia, and authored many books on the intersection of economics and psychology. He has taught undergraduate students at Swarthmore College for over 30 years, and has more recently taught at UC Berkeley, Hass. 

If you'd like to explore Barry's books he mentions in this episode, here is a quick list: 

- The Battle for Human Nature 

- The Costs of Living 

- The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less 

- Practical Wisdom 

- Why We Work