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The Happy at Work Podcast

23 August 2023

26m 19s

Thriving in Flexible Work: Paul Slater, Founder of Billion Minds



In this episode, Laura and Michael chat with Paul Slater, co-founder of Billion Minds. This episode delves deep into the evolving landscape of work, exploring the intersection of adaptability, resilience, trust, and purpose in flexible work environments.

We've pulled out the top three take-aways from this episode for you:

Adaptability and Resilience-
Paul unravels the profound significance of adaptability and resilience in the contemporary workplace. As the co-founder of Billion Minds, he offers a unique perspective on adaptability—an ability to fluidly transition between diverse work modes, skill sets, and contexts. Resilience, meanwhile, emerges as the bedrock for navigating the unpredictable roller coaster of modern work life. Through personal anecdotes, Paul illustrates the pivotal role adaptability and resilience played in his own career trajectory.

Trust and Purpose in Flexible Work Culture-
Trust and purpose emerge as the cornerstones of a thriving flexible work culture. Paul delves into the intricate dance between trust and remote work, highlighting the cognitive biases that shape managers' perceptions of remote employees. He emphasizes that building trust involves not just believing in the work being done, but also fostering an environment of mutual respect and empowerment. The conversation deepens as Paul explores the profound impact of shared purpose—a compelling understanding of how individual contributions align with the broader organizational mission. The intertwining of trust and purpose creates a powerful synergy that fuels employee engagement and effective decision-making in times of change.

Daily Skill Development for Effective Management-
Paul offers a paradigm-shifting approach to effective management in the modern era—daily skill development. Drawing parallels to physical fitness, he likens honing managerial skills to building a muscle that demands consistent exercise. As we dissect Paul's insights, it becomes evident that the traditional approach of periodic training sessions falls short in the rapidly evolving work landscape. By advocating for a daily practice of skill refinement, Paul empowers managers to not only adapt to the changing dynamics but also thrive within them. Through a compelling analogy, he underscores the value of a ten-minute daily commitment to skill improvement, a strategy that empowers managers to lead in flexible work environments and foster a culture of adaptability and resilience.

In this enlightening episode, Paul Slater's wisdom and expertise provide guidance for individuals and organizations seeking to thrive in the dynamic world of modern work. Tune in to uncover the secrets of adapting, leading, and flourishing in flexible work environments.

About Paul Slater

Paul Slater is the co-founder of Billion Minds, a company that focuses on helping organizations identify and grow adaptable, resilient employees. With a background in computer science and extensive experience, including ten years at Microsoft, Paul has a deep understanding of the evolving intersection between technology, business, and human behavior. His expertise lies in guiding organizations through the challenges and opportunities presented by flexible work environments. Paul emphasizes the importance of building trust, fostering shared purpose, and continuously honing management skills to thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern work.